You have experienced pregnancy loss


You know the feelings of sadness, guilt, shame and the emotional numbing of your broken your heart, yet…

You are ready to


Create a new story of peace

Heal the ongoing effects of trauma and loss

 Reclaim your joy

Then you are ready to take the next steps to healing your mind, heart and body.


I work with amazing, courageous women just like you, a secret sisterhood, who share an incredibly painful experience… the heartache of Pregnancy Loss.

I know too well the sadness and loneliness that envelopes your heart. With each miscarriage, I settled deeper into a place of helplessness, sadness and shame. Multiple miscarriages swept away the dream I had for my life.

Anxiety filled me.

The constant question of “why” followed me.

My shame created so many insecurities.

I sat on the edge of sadness for far too long.

Does this sound like you?

You’re in the right place! My personal experience led me to create this space for you.

I have been where you are and through my personal journey of healing, I have learned that every experience and every story matters. Every heartache can be transformed into acceptance.  Every journey of healing that we experience allows us to become empowered, to reclaim a new sense of peace within ourselves. It was only when I finally found the courage to give voice to my own feelings and share my story with a trusted friend that I was finally able to recognize what my years of loss truly meant to me.

 Would you love to know what working together would look like?

I would love the opportunity to connect with you!


You are cordially invited to join Transforming Loss to Light, a global community of soulful women who have experienced pregnancy loss and seek a place of compassion and support.

The moment I knew it was time to heal my heartache …

My first miscarriage happened in 2001 with four others to follow. I had allowed myself to sink into a depression with each passing miscarriage. I had a beautiful life with a loving husband yet my heart felt broken and I just couldn’t get past that.

Years went by, tears were shed and finally one day I realized, “I don’t want to carry this with me another day.” I felt like I had shackled the shame of being a motherless woman to my feet. I wanted peace, I wanted joy, I wanted to feel whole again.

I was ready to release that story and create a new one. That was the beginning of my journey to healing.

I am deeply passionate about helping women just like you to find healing – emotionally, physically and spiritually as you begin to create a new story of peace and wholeness.

I highly recommend Tracey’s work. She is very skilled at holding a safe and loving space and allowing the energy to flow where it is most needed. Tracey is very intuitive and works in alignment with the energy to bring peace, clarity and healing especially if you’ve tried all kinds of other avenues and are still feeling stuck. Thanks so much, Tracey!


Are you ready to live your life with peace?

A Deep Journey to… SOULFUL PEACE!

Let me take you there

Tracey Swainson

Transforming Loss to Light

Bringing healing and guidance to women who have gone through the emotional trauma of pregnancy loss.

© 2016 Tracey Swainson