What are you ready to heal?

The heartache of a lost baby, born or unborn?
The story of your past?
Anxiety, sleepless nights? 
Experiences that have left an imprint on your heart and soul?
All of these are like shackles that keep you from living your best life; they hold you down.
I’ve been there.
I also know how freeing it can be to make that decision to heal your past, to release the pain.
I honor the journey that you’re taking, I know the courage that lies within you.
You are an amazing, courageous being!
You have within you the power to change your world!

When we work together, you’ll find that I take a soul-centered, holistic approach to healing.  With a little bit of energy alchemy and a whole lot of love and respect, I fuse my space with Reiki, Tuning Fork Sound Healing, Meditation, Crystals and Essential Oils to deepen your healing experience and bring you back to your center.

You will remember your wholeness, find your North Star and see the true treasure that you already are!

One word to describe the Reiki that Tracey performed: powerful. The space where she does her sessions is very peaceful and I found it very easy to relax and let the energy flow. There were times during the session where I could truly feel the power of the energy she was moving for me. I practice my own energy release at home but when I left Tracey’s office I felt lighter. Tracey is a truly gifted energy mover.