Expand from a Heart of Kindness

Expand from a Heart of Kindness

A heart of kindness…

It’s the little things that make a difference in someone’s life.


As we go about our day, how much time do we take for a simple act of kindness?

A moment to lift someone’s spirit or maybe change a life.  To give from a place that’s pure with no expectation in return.

A friend shared a story of how after going out one evening to pick up dinner for her family, she saw an elderly, homeless woman sitting in the rain on the side of a curb. My friend felt compelled to turn around and just sit with the woman.  She asked if she was hungry and gave the woman her own dinner.  They sat with tears running down their faces in the rain as they took in that one small moment of caring.  As my friend gave the woman a hug, she continued home with a new found desire to help others even in smallest of ways.

I found her story so inspiring and its given me a new perspective on the simple act of kindness.

Simply sending a silent blessing of health and happiness as we pass a stranger on the street, lending a helping hand or maybe showing appreciation for others.

What a joy it is to take a small moment of time to create a selfless act, to show compassion and in doing so, your small acts flow back to you like ripples in a pond when you toss in a stone.

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” Dalai Lama

By offering a little kindness, we create a Universal movement of energy.  If you want joy, give joy.  If you offer peace, we will find a sense of peace, a calm kind of grace. Our heart swells for just a moment as we send blessings out into the Universe.  The energy we give, we will receive; maybe not from the same source, maybe not in that moment of time, but it will find its way back to us.

When we give from our heart, from a true, authentic place, we allow our-self to expand.