Embrace your Destiny

Embrace your Destiny


What is that thing that makes your heart sing,

That, in the dark of night you can see the light.

Shining bright and lighting your way,

Take courage, dear one, today is your day

You have a gift, its time to shine,

Fear no more, you will be fine.

Hold your stake, hold it high,

Your fire is burning deep inside.

Know with certainty, your truth inside,

Embrace your destiny, do not hide.

Tracey Swainson is wife and fur baby mama, first and foremost. She’s also an intuitive healer and mentor, passionate about supporting women as they heal their heartache of pregnancy loss and the stories that may have been created due to the emotional trauma of their loss. She brings healing both to the spiritual and physical bodies through intimate, sacred, supportive one on one sessions. It was the emotional and spiritual healing of her own pregnancy loss experiences that fully birthed her into this sacred work. Tracey empowers women to transform their broken hearts and guides them to remember their inherent truth so they can gain closure and heal from the inside – out.  http://www.traceyswainson.com 


No More Hiding

No More Hiding

They say “The Magic happens just outside your comfort zone!

As an introvert, I’ve allowed my insecurities associated with that to hold me back.

What has really held me back? FEAR.

At my heart, I am an adventurous person!

Along with my family I once lived in the wilderness of northern Canada, miles from civilization!  For many years, we had no electricity, no running water, we grew our own food and lived off the land.  It was a hard life but it fueled the adventurous spirit in me.

I traveled alone to Australia, when many thought I shouldn’t go alone!

If I had not followed my heart, I would not have met my future husband!

I would not have lived in New Zealand; I would not have realized my love for senior citizens (I landed a great job as a caregiver in N.Z.)

I would not have taken a back-packing trip with my husband through Australia, Europe and South-East Asia, where an unplanned detour took us to Sumatra at a time when there were street demonstrations and riots triggered by economic issues.  We managed to get out on one of the last small, wooden boats where we sat on the roof on bags of lime leaves with a CNN crew! It was an adventure of a lifetime!

It pays to follow your heart. To trust your intuition.

Other Fears Conquered:

I went snorkeling over the Great Barrier Reef and I can’t even swim! (I trusted complete strangers to stay by my side)

I’ve always hated running as a sport, but after months of training, I ran and completed a half marathon!

I jumped out of an airplane from 10,000’ with a free-fall of 45 seconds! I have to admit, there was complete terror at the thought of
this, but after the jump… I wanted to do it again! I pushed through my fear and came out exhilarated with the experience!

Somehow though, when it came to actually putting myself “out there” it felt different. I listened to the gremlin of my inner critic for far too long and doubted my ability to be the person I wanted to be. I allowed insecurities to grow as I compared myself to others, allowing my confidence to shrink and nearly disappear.

What I am learning is that COURAGE is not staying right where you are and hoping something might miraculously change. Fears will always be with us in one form or another however, having the courage to step outside that comfort zone and take a risk; that is empowerment!  Its stepping into who you really are, your true authentic self, which goes a long way toward turning fears into courage.

Take courage and follow your heart!