Rituals of Remembrance at Christmas

Rituals of Remembrance at Christmas

Rituals of Remembrance at Christmas


The Christmas season is the perfect time of year to honor our loved ones who have passed.  Be it Grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles, spouse, children, born and unborn babies and yes, even our pets.

Though we may find it deeply emotional, keeping our memories alive, can be so very healing.

Imagine sitting around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, or gathering with family or friends for a special meal. As we look around, seeing those we love close by and yet our heart aches for those who are no longer with us.


Instead of letting the holiday pass in silence of our loved ones, why not bring them into our space?


  • You may want to place candles on the table and invite the family to say the name of your loved one as you light the candle.


  • Create a Memory Table with your grandmothers’ favorite dish or your brothers’ favorite food. (It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t match the dinner menu, you’re taking some time to honor the one you love.)


  • I love the idea of keeping memories alive for the children. Setting up photos of family and friends who have passed and letting each person present, share a memory.  This keeps memories alive for everyone and especially for children who may not have known their grandparents, aunts or uncles.


  • Raise a toast in honor of your loved ones.


  • Send cards to your loved one’s closest friends, they’ll cherish the gesture and will feel a special connection with you.


  • Invite the children to create a Christmas Memory Ornament for the tree, with your loved one’s name or favorite color.


  • Set a place at the table in honor of your loved one.


  • I know Christmas can feel empty for parents who have lost a born or unborn baby. Christmas is a perfect time to honor your little one.  You could have an ornament made for your tree to be put up each and every year.


  • If you had a pet pass away, you may want to create an ornament with their photo and name placed on it, in memory of your fur baby.


  • If your loved one had a favorite charity or passion in life, you could donate in honor of them.


If grief has been present in your life for far too long and you’re curious as to how we can work together, then I invite you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute chat and let’s see if my work will be a good fit for you.


Peace and Blessings, Tracey

Tracey is an intuitive grief mentor and energy healer. Her work aims to increase awareness of the grief healing journey and to hold space for the emotional and spiritual well-being of people struggling on the path of unresolved grief. It was her own healing journey of multiple miscarriages that fully birthed her sacred work. The grief work that she facilitates focuses on energy healing, mindful practices and soulful rituals, so they can create a sacred relationship with their loss, while finding a new way to embrace life.