Heartache, Hope & Healing

My Journey through Pregnancy Loss

Rising takes Courage

I believe that grief is patient; she is willing to wait for as long as it takes for you to gain the courage to meet her.

Though you may hold your grief at a distance, bury her deep inside or hide your pain with anger or rage;

No matter how long it takes, your grief will be there patiently waiting for you to heal.

This space is for you, dear one, because you are ready to rise and remember the truth of who you are.

This space is for you, because you are a courageous soul who chooses to no longer feel invisible, but shine.

This space is for you, because you are ready honor your lost dream of motherhood and pregnancy loss.

This space is for YOU.

My Story

My grief journey came to me with the experience of five miscarriages and no children.

Maybe you can relate?  In a world where grief is often taboo, we turn away from our grief, compartmentalize it and our grief remains unmet. I felt so lost and wondered if I would ever find my way back to myself. 

My grief became the catalyst that awakened the lost parts of myself that had been buried deep inside. 

I grieved the loss of my babies and began to realize that there was another layer that needed healing.  The lost parts of myself – self-love, self-worth, and a sense of belonging.  Through this, I learned the importance of deep inner healing and coming back home to my soul.

My Beliefs & Mission

I believe that you deserve to be seen, to have your story be witnessed.

I believe that you, beautiful soul, are worthy of joy and belonging.

My Mission

Is to inspire & empower women to grieve, heal and honor their pregnancy loss, so they can carry their child forward and create a joyful, meaningful life.

My Approach

I am an intuitive healer and mentor, passionate about supporting compassionate, intuitive women through the emotional trauma of pregnancy loss. I provide a gentle space to honor their loss, so they can learn to embrace their life with purpose and joy.

I blend guidance with energy healing, eft, journaling, meditation, ritual and ceremony making each bespoke session catered to the needs of my clients.  My biggest teachers in life were my multiple miscarriages and my spirit baby who chose to be the vessel of my healing journey.

Tracey’s tarot reading was UNBELIEVABLY accurate and resonated so much! I’m forever grateful. – Nancy Ruth Dean

I have traveled all over North America for work over the last several years and everywhere I landed I have looked for a Reiki Practitioner to provide healing sessions.  Tracey Swainson is gifted and fabulous! The instant the session began I felt the love healing energy. She knew instinctively where to work on my issues.  I would highly recommend Tracey to everyone! I am very happy to have found her. – Annie Blanchette

“I am so grateful to have met (virtually!!) the wonderful Tracey Swainson. She connected in with the baby I lost through miscarriage 15yrs ago. I was so moved by what my baby girl had to say. But I was completely blown away to discover that the soul of this little baby now lives on in my daughter who was born a year after this baby’s due date!! I am still pinching myself that I got to connect with and talk to my daughter’s inner being! Thank you so much Tracey.” – Nicole Cusack