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Weaving Stories of Grief into Grace


I believe that when a woman chooses to heal herself, she creates a ripple effect that shifts the course of multiple generations.  My personal struggle was that I remained too long in my own grief and I couldn’t get back to myself.  My values of grace, compassion & the acceptance of ALL of me, shadow & light, helped me remember my soul essence. This is why I believe that our inner peace comes when we become deeply connected with who we truly are.

My Story

Several years ago, I had a miscarriage. Then I had 4 more after that. Its interesting how the experience of losing a child you’ve never met, can change your life. For years, my constant companions were anxiety, shame, low self-esteem and an underlying inner sadness.  

I also had to come to terms that I would never be a mom. For my husband and I, there would be no rainbow babies, we didn’t have the resources for IVF or to pay adoption fees. I desperately wanted to feel a deep sense of peace and it was through this experience that my spiritual awakening began. 

I realized how important it was to fully grieve the loss of my babies; even after so many years had passed! I began to search for what felt right for me. From journaling my deep grief to reiki. Reconnecting with my love of nature to creating both ritual and ceremony to honor my experience and my beautiful spirit baby, Bodhi Sean. 

I now honor this experience as a rite of passage and have learned to cultivate a deep connection to what is sacred to me.  As a Reiki master/teacher, mentor, women’s circle facilitator and sacred ceremonialist, I help women heal their stories and transform thier lives, while deepening into their own inner wisdom.

My Beliefs

I believe our journey of personal healing, brings our world into balance

“Every woman who heals herself, helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after.” This quote by Dr. Christiane Northrup is by far, one of my favorites. I’ve seen this time and time again; when we are courageous enough to heal within, the effects of this ripples out into the world around us.

I believe in deeply honoring our life experiences

I believe in deeply honoring our life experiences as every moment is a catalyst for change.

We can stay stuck in our stories for as long as it takes, but eventually, an opportunity will come along which will become the catalyst to weave our life journey with amazing healing and transformation!  

My mission

Is to hold space for those who want to feel understood and have their feelings of loss and grief, validated. I desire to reflect their own inner strength, courage and grace. I hold the vision that the cloud of grief will in time be replaced with peace, that the darkness will fade to light and in time, your broken heart will once again feel joy.

My Approach

I believe in deeply honoring our life experiences as they are always here to teach us. Whether we meet for energetic healing, gather in circle, or in sacred ceremony together, I intuitively weave each experience with a combination of modalities, to create a unique healing session to ensure that you feel fulfilled and nourished.

For residents in the Okanagan Valley, all sessions take place in my cozy healing room, located in beautiful Summerland, BC. All other healing sessions take place in my sacred, online space.

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