Tracey Swainson

Empowerment Mentor

Helping you honor your grief and channel your full potential

Rising takes Courage

I believe that grief is patient; it will wait as long as it takes for us to gain the courage to meet it.

We may hold our grief at a distance, bury it deep inside or hide our pain with anger or rage.

No matter how long it takes, our grief will be there patiently waiting for us to heal.

This space is for you, if who are ready to rise and remember their truth.

This space is for you, if you are courageous enough to no longer dim your light, but shine.

This space is for you, if you are ready transmute your grief into powerful life lessons and step into your full potential.

This space is for YOU.

My Story

My grief journey came to me with the experience of five miscarriages and no children.

Maybe you can relate?  In a world where grief is often taboo, we feel shame to openly grieve and so we compartmentalize it and our grief remains unmet. This was my experience until, I felt the cry deep inside my soul, a cry for joy. This became my wake call!

Grief was the catalyst that awakened the lost parts of myself that had been buried deep inside. 

I grieved the loss of my babies and began to realize that there was another layer that needed healing.  The lost parts of myself – shame, unworthiness, my feelings of not  being “good enough” and that I didn’t belong.  And so began my journey to self-love.  Through this, I’ve learned the importance of deep inner work, of healing and coming back home to my soul.

My Beliefs & Mission

You don't have to walk this journey alone, I'm here to walk beside you.

I believe that joy is our birthright - when we heal our grief, we find your joy!

My Mission is support successful women heal the unresolved grief of baby loss and to fall back in love with themselves through practical, yet soulful ways.

I have a special place in my heart for women who are childless after miscarriage. I love to guide women to connect to her soul, so they can create a peaceful, loving, relationship with their life.

My Approach

I mentor women healing the childless wound of miscarriage and early-term loss, to embrace their emotions, honor their grief and dive deep into their personal healing.  This work is sacred, its soul work and I honor the women willing to embrace both the shadow and light, to know deep inner peace.

I come to this work through my own personal grief awakening story.  I’m deeply passionate about holding space for women to honor their story.  Within this space, I combine energy healing, intuitive guidance, meditation, mindful practices along with intuitive readings, circle work, ritual and ceremony to help you make peace with your past, awaken to your whole self and reconnect to your intuition.

Reach out today to begin your grief healing journey