Are You Curious About Your Baby in Spirit?

Do you wonder if its possible to have a loving relationship with your little one in spirit?

If you’ve experienced a pregnancy loss and want to nurture your connection with your baby, 

then you’re in the right place!

One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, one in 160 births are still, and some die from neonatal illness and SIDS.

When we experience pregnancy loss or newborn death, it changes us.  We long for validation that our loss was not for nothing.  We carry our grief deep inside and in time begin to move through life once again.

Slowly we find joy in moments of grief and grief in moments of joy and life moves on.

There may be times that we wonder, how can we move on without our child?

How can we acknowledge and honor our little ones when asked “How many children do you have?” 

In acknowledging our children of light, our little ones are able to participate with us in life.   Rather than leaving them behind in our own darkness of grief, we open ourselves up to a whole new world.  Our heart expands as our little ones surround us with signs of love, giving us permission to trust ourselves and allow our healing to slowly unfold in brand new ways. 

Have you heard your child in spirit speaking with you?

Have you realized that you’ve always had this connection with your child and they’re just waiting for you to pay attention and hear or see the signs they’re sending you?

Asking you to REMEMBER. “Remember mom, we’ve always been connected but your sadness and anger has separated you from me!” 

Your spirit baby wants to communicate with you!  

They’ll bless you with signs and symbols to light your path and help you remember that they are here to work with you in your soul purpose work.  The gift they give you, will be the permission to live your life fully and in return you’ll experience so much inner peace, healing and joy!  

It is my intention that you receive exactly what you need in this moment to support your healing journey.

If you would like to connect with your child in spirit, then I invite you to schedule a time that suits you.

Your session will be 45 minutes in length, with time for you to ask any questions you may of your little one. 

I use my intuitive gifts of inner vision of clairvoyance, along with inner hearing, clairaudience and my empathic gift of clairsentience to support you and you spirit baby.  


Tracey did a spirit baby reading for me. I always knew my baby was a girl but that was it. She confirmed that, told me what this baby was like – a very gentle quiet spirit, and answered my questions. This baby was a pink energy with gold around and sparkles. I found out what name she wanted to be called, our favorite flowers – roses. Her favorite – peach with pink edges (I have 2 in my garden.) and that she’s always around me and one of my guides or angels. This reading brought a lot of reassurance for me. Tracey is very sweet and knowledgeable.         If you’re thinking about using her services, don’t hesitate. 


Messages of Love from your Spirit Baby

When you go through such a horrific loss you are so heartbroken. There are so many unresolved emotions. To get such a reading brought me such joy, and peace. It helped me to heal in a way that was still raw after so many years. My reading with Tracey was heartfelt, personal, and delivered with such compassion and brought me peace. 

Elizabeth Macgregor

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