How do you want to feel?

Much of my story is probably not much different to most people on some level.

As children, we are raised on the values of the adults around us and what is important to them.

Then come the teen years where we take on some of those values for ourselves and experiment with new ideas and concepts.  We become more of an individual and tend to test everything we’ve been taught as our freedom expands.

As young adults we learn to stand in our own space and while all of life is a transition for growth, we begin to understand what holds us to our own values.

My story has always been to please others.  I have always been a people-pleaser. I’ve put my own desires on a back-burner while making sure everyone around me is happy and cared for.  Sadly, over the years, I realized I didn’t know who I was or what was important to me.

I remember when I first was married, whenever my husband asked what I wanted – my reply was always “whatever you want.”  Now, many years later, he doesn’t hear that very often! But the point is I was lost; I wasn’t able to stand in my own power.

Then last year I came across a wonderfully written book by Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map.  Starting at the beginning of the book, every page is dog-eared, highlighted, underlined and personal notes added.  My soul was awakened.

I learned that getting clear on how I wanted to feel and doing whatever it took to create those feelings, is the most creative thing I could do for my life.

 “Start where it feels easy.”

My list was large and over time, I got it down to ten, then four.

Joy, Connection, Flourish, Free

I lived with these for a while until I realized that while JOY envelopes every feeling and desire I have, CONNECTION was my true desire.  Connection to Spirit, to nature, to family, to everything that is important to me.

CONNECTION served me and started me on a brand new path of searching for more.  One year later, all that has transpired in my life is amazing; growth, expansion all guided by my CDF – Connection!  I now have completed a brand new session of desire mapping, and have three new Core Desired Feelings that serve my heart and soul…  SACRED, WILD, FREE

Sacred – My desire for a deeper connection with all that is sacred guides me every day; through meditation, learning, seeking and life.

Wild – I stand in my own power! I create my own path and embrace the magic within it!

Free – To expand, to live life to my fullest potential, guided by my intuition to lead a life that is right for me!

What are some of your Core Desired Feelings?

They may surprise you!

Tracey Swainson is wife and fur baby mama, first and foremost. She’s also an intuitive healer and mentor, passionate about supporting women as they heal their heartache of pregnancy loss and the stories that may have been created due to the emotional trauma of their loss. She brings healing both to the spiritual and physical bodies through intimate, sacred, supportive one on one sessions. It was the emotional and spiritual healing of her own pregnancy loss experiences that fully birthed her into this sacred work. Tracey empowers women to transform their broken hearts and guides them to remember their inherent truth so they can gain closure and heal from the inside – out. 


Photo by Caleb Woods