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Helping you weave grace through grief

Hi! I’m Tracey,  

I believe that grief is patient; it will wait as long as it takes for us to gather the courage to face our sorrow.
We may hold our grief at a distance or bury it deep inside, we may hide our pain with anger or rage.
Whether it takes weeks, months or years, our grief will be there patiently waiting for you to meet it.
While it takes enormous inner strength to face our memories of the past, having practices and healing rituals to support us is so important.
In doing so, we can meet our grief with reverence, hold it with compassion and ground it in love.

My Story

Several years ago, I had a miscarriage. Then I had 4 more after that. Its interesting how the experience of losing a child you’ve never met, can change your life. For years, my constant companions were anxiety, shame, low self-esteem and an underlying inner sadness.

I also had to come to terms that I would never be a mom. For my husband and I, there would be no rainbow babies, we didn’t have the resources for IVF or to pay adoption fees. I desperately wanted to feel a deep sense of peace and it was through this experience that my spiritual awakening began.

I realized how important it was to fully grieve the loss of my babies; even after so many years had passed! I began to search for what felt right for me. From journaling my deep grief to reiki. Reconnecting with my love of nature to creating both ritual and ceremony to honor my experience and my beautiful spirit baby, Bodhi Sean.

I now honor this experience as a rite of passage and have learned to cultivate a deep connection to what is sacred to me.  As a Reiki master/teacher, mentor, women’s circle facilitator and sacred ceremonialist, I help people heal their stories and transform their lives, while deepening into their own inner wisdom.

My Beliefs & Mission

I believe that when we fully honor our loss, we are more able to embody the fullness of joy.

It takes so much courage to meet our grief, to honor our loss and to make peace with our past. Yet, when we do it is here that we experience the fullness of joy, in whatever capacity that may be for each of us.

I believe that every moment is a catalyst for change, if we choose to embrace it.

No one goes in search of grief, yet it will find each of us.  Through my personal experience, I’ve learned that our grief will remain present in our life until we are ready to meet it.  We can choose to bury it inside and just “get on with life,” yet without fail, there will come a moment which becomes our catalyst for change.  Our soul will cry out for joy or long for deep, inner peace and it is here that we begin our grief healing journey.

My Mission

Is to create a space for those who are living in the shadow of grief, to learn the sacredness that can be held in the depths of their sorrow. Within this space, I reflect their own inner strength, courage and grace. I hold the vision that the cloud of grief will in time be replaced with peace, that the shadow of sorrow will fade to light and in time, your broken heart will once again feel joy.

My Approach

I come to this work through my own personal grief story.  Within the sacred space of my offerings you will experience:

A Circle of Two:  A safe and soulful space in which you will feel held, nourished, seen and inspired with loving reflections that allow you to fully share your story, experience and feelings. 

Reiki for Grief:  A gentle approach to physical, emotional and spiritual healing through your grief journey.

Healing Tools and Rituals:  Allowing you to honor your grief through practices that support your ongoing emotional and spiritual healing and growth.

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