Making peace with the loss of my babies has been a long journey that, has my heart filled with so much joy.

There was a time, in the depths of my heartache that I would never have believed this. My emotional wounds felt so deep and dark; yet sadly I hung on to them like a baby holds onto its blankie.

How is it that the thing we fear, that creates such anxiety and shame within our life becomes the monster that we have such difficulty letting go of. For me, it was my multiple miscarriages, but not just that, it was everything that I allowed to become attached to that.

Anger, Depression, Shame, Envy, Isolation, Hopelessness, Inadequate, There must be something wrong with me. This and so much more was attached to the loss of my babies. It became a monster that I felt I couldn’t fight, so I gave in. I lost my power.

I clearly remember the moment, that I looked in the mirror and actually said out loud, “I’m done, I don’t want to carry the heartache another day.”

“Universe, I give this to you.”

Literally, six days later, I began to feel my heartache begin to heal.

The sadness, anxiety, emptiness… began to fade away.

I felt so much peace, as though I was floating on a cloud. I could feel the peace, like rays of sunshine, shining through the depths of my sadness, carrying the heavy sadness away.

In the weeks that followed, something else began to happen. I began to find my power. Now, I am learning self-love, I’m learning to honor my truth. I’m creating space for everything I always wanted but felt so unworthy of.

I heard Gabby Bernstein say thatwhen you say YES to healing, the healing is presented to you in a very profound way.

I can say with absolute certainty that this is true!

How do you know that you’re ready to create space for healing in your life?

  1. You feel your sadness, anxiety or fears as though there’s a heaviness within your heart and you are SO tired of carrying this weight around.
  2. You begin to recognize that there’s something you desire, if only you could get past ________________________ (fill in the blank, what is your monster?)
  3. In the stillness of space, you realize that you are beginning to see you life in a whole new light, despite the burden you carry.

So when you are ready to release your heartache, anxiety, fears or whatever may be holding you back, let the Universe know, and an opportunity WILL present itself to create a space of healing and fill your heart with soulful peace.



If you are ready to heal your heartache of pregnancy loss at a deep soul level, if you’re tired of carrying the weight of sadness and need to speak with someone who has been where you are, I invite you to experience this Journey of Sacred Love Healing.


This is a 1:1 Intensive Session that offers soul work, intuitive guidance and energy healing, creating a container for you to feel seen, heard, held and understood, so that you are able to heal your pain of loss and begin to feel a new sense of peace.



If you’ve got questions or would you like to have support through your healing journey,

I invite you to connect with me for a free 20 minute Soul Care Call



Tracey Swainson is wife and fur baby mama, first and foremost. She’s also an intuitive healer and mentor, passionate about supporting women as they heal their heartache of pregnancy loss and the stories that may have been created due to the emotional trauma of their loss. She brings healing both to the spiritual and physical bodies through intimate, sacred, supportive one on one sessions. It was the emotional and spiritual healing of her own pregnancy loss experiences that fully birthed her into this sacred work. Tracey empowers women to transform their broken hearts and guides them to remember their inherent truth so they can gain closure and heal from the inside – out. 



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