1:1 Mentorship

Let's Honor Your Journey

It’s an amazing one and so are you!

You have arrived,


Can you feel the stirrings of your soul calling you forward?

Do you find yourself on the threshold of remembering or at a crossroad of change?

Your courage and curiosity have led you into the void, trusting the journey your soul is here to lead.

You are here to remember all that you are and to honor your endings before you begin again, so your roots may become strong once again.


Welcome Beautiful Soul,

I know you’re busy sharing your magic with the world in the way that only you can!

I also know that underneath that beautiful smile of yours, you feel as though you’ve lost your way. 

You are exhausted, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.  

You may even wonder, “Who am I now?”

Too often our miscarriages and medically terminated pregnancies go unacknowledged and leave actual holes in the very fiber of our being.  Months, even years can go by before we slow down enough to witness, heal and honor these sacred moments.

Your foundations feel shaken with sadness and grief.

There is an unraveling of all that you know to be true.

And yet this is such an important time. There’s a lot happening beneath the surface.  

It’s time beautiful soul, to come home to yourself, to honor your journey and let your Sovereign Spirit rise!


This is a sacred space to honor your story, both your births and your loss. 

A space for you if you have consciously hold space for your healing journey.

At times, you may not even recognize your own inner landscape and yet it’s here when given space to honor your pregnancy loss, that you’re able to soften into the truth of your soul.


  • These sessions are for you if you’ve found yourself holding on to unresolved grief of pregnancy loss, no matter how many years have passed.
  • You’re awakening to your soul’s expansion, remembering what it is to be both holy and human.
  • You have a longing to honor your experience, and that of each of your losses in a way that feels sacred to you.

This is a space to be seen, heard, and supported.

The space I hold is intuitive in nature, blending energy healing, mindset and inspired action while; weaving meaningful rituals throughout to honor all the spaces that you’re holding.  

Are you ready to step into the journey that supports you to come home to your soul?

“When you have the most delightful session that takes you into a part of yourself you didn’t expect but felt familiar and something I had been desiring to connect to for a long time. Thank you, Tracey for the divine gift you bring to the world. Our session was incredible and I felt held, seen, connected, and trusting of what you were downloading and creating.  I am glad we recorded our session as this morning I could step back into the energy of the ritual you created for me. It was so loving, warm, inflow, special, and in tuned.”

Chantal Vanderhaeghen

Intuitive Counsellor

Are You Ready To Honor Your Journey?


We’ll spend 20 minutes together to discuss your intentions for mentorship and to see how I may support you.  We’ll then decide if we’re a good fit and how the journey may unfold.

Follow Through

These bespoke sessions are tailored specifically and intuitively to support you to honor your loss and healing journey.

The Journey Unfolds

You’re ready to take ownership of your journey and claim your worth, so you can radiate your sacred work into the world!


If you could see yourself through the eyes of your babe in spirit, you would never again wonder if they hold it against you!

You deserve to be truly seen.

Not through the lens through which you allow the world to see, but as your most sacred self.

This is how your babe in spirit sees you!

They see your light shining bright.

So, if you feel like you’re still grieving after the loss of your baby through a miscarriage or medical termination, no matter how many years have passed, then this space is for you.

Remember is a 6-session bespoke journey to support and honor your early pregnancy loss. 

This is a journey of acceptance.  A calling, to come home to yourself.

This is perfect for you if you have a foundation in place. You may have already done some therapy, attended support groups, or have even done some inner healing on your own.  You’re now looking for a mentor to hold the space for your continued healing and offer support as you need it.  Together we’ll re-weave the threads to honor your journey and call all of you back home to yourself.

***Additional sessions may be added, pending your personal needs.  

Please Note, this is not for you if: 

You believe you’re experiencing severe anxiety, fresh grief or trauma and you require the support of a counsellor or a therapist or you are not ready to commit to taking actions and responsibility for your own healing journey.