A Sacred Journey

Welcome to this sacred journey.  You have arrived exactly as you were meant to, your heart leading the way. May we honor and heal your tender heart.  Your grief has been carried far too long.  Whether you have experienced miscarriage, late-term loss or still birth, or you may have completed your lineage by not being able to have children, it is time to remember all that you are.  To allow your healing to begin and to pass this healing forward to future generations.  May we honor your spirit baby/s and welcome you back home to your soul. 

I honor your courage to take this sacred journey.  

Whether you’ve experienced miscarriage, late-term loss, stillbirth, or the dream of motherhood has passed you by, the ache in your heart runs deep.

You may feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself somewhere along the way.

I know, I’ve been there.  

Over time you begin to push your emotions down so deeply, you can almost tell yourself “it doesn’t matter any more,” … until it does.

You may not even know how to grieve your little one or have the tools to grieve in a way that honors you.

Whether you have unprocessed grief that you’ve buried deep inside or maybe you didn’t even know you could grieve your loss, all of this sadness is suppressing your energy and stopping you from showing up in your business and shining your light in the world! 

Its now been more than more than 10 years since my last miscarriage.

I spent years holding myself back, questioning where I belong and playing small.  I felt as though I didn’t deserve happiness, I struggled with low self-esteem.  I felt so unworthy. For too many years, I held my grief close to my heart.

But, I also learned how to heal my broken heart, through the support of some amazing people. For many, they can’t understand why I choose to publicly remember my baby loss or to speak of my lost dreams of motherhood but to me, its a way of honoring my experience.  And in doing so, I honor my spirit baby, Bodhi, who is the vessel of my healing journey.

“Tracey’s gift to the world has helped so many women and for that I’m truly grateful to have had the chance to work with her. I’ve dealt with a loss and want a third child, I feel so blessed already.  In my session, I felt like, my angels right there with me, it was an amazing feeling – one that I have never felt before.”


Let your sacred journey begin

This is for you if:

You function well in life but under the surface you deeply grieve the loss of what might have been;

You may have lost your baby/babies many years ago and still feel the void of your hidden grief;

You may have hoped and dreamed of motherhood, yet that was not meant to be;

Your sadness and shame cause you to question who you are;

And yet you know there is more to life, its just not in the way you imagined it!

You’re open to energy healing, sacred ritual and ceremony to support your healing; 

You desire to have a safe space to honor your emotional & spiritual needs;

You know your spirit baby is a part of your spiritual journey;

And you’re ready to create a life that brings you joy!

If this feels like you, grab a cup of tea and let’s chat before you book your session/s, if this is your first time working with me.

Let’s Chat!

You’ll receive:

Space to nurture yourself through your grieving process; 

Grief works skills to navigate your continued journey;

Meditations and journal prompts to help you deepen into your healing journey;

Personalized rituals to honor your loss;

Practices and resources to nourish your mind, heart and soul.

Confidential Sessions (via Zoom):  This journey comes to you from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

At Home Practices Tailored Specifically for You:  You’ll receive transformative practices, intuitive guidance and support for your sacred healing work.

Video Recordings:   You will have the option to record your session so you can take notes and integrate your practices.

Action Steps:  An overview of key areas discussed, plus some practices for you to work with between your sessions will be emailed to you.

Peace after Pregnancy Loss

Three (3) bi-weekly, one-hour sessions together, where we will create a sacred space for you to feel safe with your feelings of grief and honor your pregnancy loss in a way that’s right for only you. 

Let me assure, your grief is holy.  I trust that you are the expert in your sorrow, I am here to guide you to remember and support you through honoring your grief and pregnancy loss with reverence, so you can find peace and meaning in a whole new way.

Is this grief mentorship for you?

Let’s have a heart to heart chat and see if this is a good fit for you.