for those on the path of honoring their grief

You are a sensitive, soulful woman.  To the world around you, you appear to have it altogether.  They see you as strong and confident, a “glass-half-full” type of woman.  You’re always there for everyone around, and yet, you feel alone, sad and disconnected from who you want to be.  Dear one, it is time to honor your loss and remember the truth of who you are.

You feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself along the way, I know!  I’ve been there.  

It’s wasn’t easy to admit that the smile on my face was covering up the sadness that I felt inside.

My journey through grief was after the loss of multiple miscarriages. I felt like I was going through the motions of life.  To the world around me, it appeared that “I was fine,” but truthfully, I was hiding in my grief and I’d lost my sense of self-worth with each passing miscarriage.

I had a wonderful life, and yet inside I felt so sad. 

I was grieving the loss of who I thought I should be or wanted to be. I struggled with self-worth and had no idea how to grieve the loss of motherhood and my babies, let alone make peace with it all.  I felt so disconnected from the woman I wanted to be, I felt like I’d lost a part of myself. I wonder if you can relate?

Do you see how important it is to share our stories?  While my experience is of pregnancy loss, yours may be completely different and yet we share similar emotions through our experience. 

Its now been more than more than 10 years since my last miscarriage.

I know that for many, they can’t understand why I choose to publicly remember my baby loss but to me, its a way of honoring my many miscarriages.  We all know that grief in itself can feel so isolating, but add on a miscarriage that no one knew about, intensified my grief. I had never learned to express my grief and so, years after my final miscarriage (mid-forties), I chose to start at the beginning to learn how to grieve and honor my loss.  In doing so, I learned to honor my spirit baby, Bodhi Sean.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” – Brene` Brown

“Tracey’s gift to the world has helped so many women shift their mindset completely and for that, I am truly grateful to have had the chance to work with her. I have dealt with a loss and want a third child and I feel so blessed already.  In my session with Tracey, I felt like, my Angels and Guides were behind me. It was an amazing feeling, one that I have never felt before.

Kenzie Ingebrand

I’ve had some emotional turmoil recently and experienced an energy session, it was very healing. I felt renewed mentally and emotionally. Tracey is very skilled at holding a safe and loving space and allowing the energy to flow where it is most needed. She’s very intuitive and works in alignment with the energy to bring peace, clarity and healing especially if you’ve tried all kinds of other avenues and are still feeling stuck.”

Kasia Rachfall

“Tracey Swainson took me on a guided meditation at the start of the year and I was able to get some truly uplifting and inspiring messages from my own guides about what I need for myself and my business this year.  Amazing insight!!”

Kerri Gray Miller


For women walking the path of grief, loss or life transition

This is for you if:

You’ve experienced a miscarriage, late-term loss or stillborn and struggle with the unresolved grief from this loss;

You’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, even a family pet;

You’re experiencing a period of uncertainty, causing you to question your core values & beliefs;

You may be going through a dark night of the soul or awakening;

You’re ready to take full responsibility your experience;

You’re open to energy healing, sacred ritual and ceremony to support your healing; 

You desire to have a safe space to honor your emotional wellbeing;

You’re ready to create a life that brings you so much joy.

If this feels like you, grab a cup of tea and let’s chat before you book your sessions, if this is your first time working with me.

You’ll receive support with:

Receiving personalized rituals and practices, resources and tools to support your journey now and nourish your mind, heart and soul;

Connecting back into your heart, to trust your own inner wisdom – your intuition;

Creating a sacred altar to honor and hold your grief;

Develop practices that will support a loving, empowering relationship with yourself;

Meditations and journal prompts to help you deepen into your healing journey.

Through all this, I know that you are the expert in your own grief.  I trust the sovereignty within yourself to know what is right for you. I’m here as a guide on your path of healing, honoring your courage as you remember the truth of who you are.

What’s included:

Confidential Sessions (via Zoom):  This journey comes to you from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

At Home Practices Tailored Specifically for You:  You’ll receive transformative practices, intuitive guidance and support for your sacred healing work.

Video Recordings:   You will have the option to record your session so you can take notes and integrate your practices.

Action Steps:  An overview of key areas discussed, plus some practices for you to work with between your sessions will be emailed to you.

Email Support:  For increased motivation and support.

One 60-Minute Session

I was once where you are and have spent years doing my own grief work and healing. Let me assure you that this is a courageous path that you’ve chosen and so I’m thrilled to offer this session for those moments when you desire a little extra support to process your grief or a little self-love when you’re feeling stuck. 

Two Month Package

Its time to rise and remember the truth of who you are.  Over 6 one-hour sessions together, we’ll create a sacred space so you can feel safe with your feelings of grief and honor your experience in a way that’s right for only you.  You are the expert in your grief, I’m here as a guide to support you through honoring your experience with reverence and remember who you truly are, so you can find peace and meaning in a whole new way.

Is this grief mentorship for you?

Let’s have a heart to heart chat and see if this is a good fit for you.