A circle journey to come home to yourself

When you heal, we all heal. When you rise, we all rise.

This is an invitation for you Beautiful Soul,

You have a magical way of weaving worlds together and sometimes,

You abandon your sacred self along the way.

You crave deep soulful conversations.

You are devoted to finding the courage to embrace your wise woman within, that you’ve always known yourself to be.

And you long to unashamedly embrace your true nature, so you may honor the sacred timing of your inner seasons.


I see you.


I feel you.

I’m here to provide a space for you to reclaim the parts of you that got lost along the way.

So you can honor your seasons of life and loss.

And channel your own inner wisdom.

So you can delight in the magic of imagination and play.

And cultivate the courage to take up space.

So you can know yourself better and live with more joy, possibility and purpose.

And let your soul lead the way, as you commune with the divine and come back home to yourself.


I believe this transformation can happen because:


When women gather, we learn to trust, support and honor our belonging.

We share stories, heal hearts and tend to our own inner wisdom.

We reclaim our sovereign warrior spirit who knows how to stand for what we believe.

So we can return to our soul’s highest values and live more wild, wise, and free. 


Hi, my name is Tracey Swainson,

I was born, daughter of Joanne. Granddaughter of Ila and Josie.  Great-granddaughter of Laura and Lottie, Dorothy, and Minnie Lou.  I honor my ancestors of Great Britain descent.  I respectfully acknowledge the traditional land owners of the Syilx Territory, Okanagan Nation Alliance, that I am blessed to live and work upon.  I gratefully pay my respects to all elders, Past, Present and Emerging.

(Want to know more about the original ancestors of the land you live on? Visit https://native-land.ca/ )

I support soul-searching feminine beings nurture a deeper connection with themselves while bringing an emotional and sacred tending to life’s transitions, rites of passage, spiritual awakenings, and moments they wish had felt more sacred, so they can turn their wounds into wisdom and consciously create a soul-led life.

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is an ongoing monthly gathering space for women to sit in sacred circle. 

Its a space to connect with yourself, connect with others and receive clarity as you reclaim your own inner wisdom.

It’s a space for reflection, soul inquiry, celebration, and to honor our truth as it is today.  

A space to honor what we’re moving away from and what we’re moving towards.

A space to weave nourishing ritual to honor the sacred of every day life.

And most of all, to find our way back home to ourselves.

And so our journey begins.


Take a moment to receive one inhale and one exhale as we open space and feel the delight of this incredible community.

We’re here for one another and together, we remember our way home.

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