Soul Sessions

Its time to come home to your Self and your Soul

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Welcome Beautiful Soul,

I know you’re busy sharing your magic with the world in the way that only you can.

I also know that underneath that beautiful smile of yours, there’s a lot happening beneath the surface.  

As women, we have long lineages of internalizing all that we’re feeling.  

This may be why you’ve landed here on this page.


Life itself is a journey of initiations.

You may be experiencing grief, loss, or find yourself at a crossroads of change.

Perhaps you feel disconnected from yourself, or your intuition.

Your inspiration may have faded as your joy with life has been altered.


It’s here that you may be seeking a space to heal, grow, evolve,

as you find your way back home to yourself and your soul.


The emotion of grief is a great teacher, one that deeply connects us with our heart.

It becomes a catalyst that awakens us to our own inner healing.

No more bypassing, repressing, or allowing our grief to accumulate year after year,

Rather, we meet our grief with grace.

Honoring our emotions while allowing them to gently move through us.

Does this feel like you?

At times your world feels like its been turned inside out,

And you’re uncertain of which way to turn.

You feel stuck in a rhythm of wounding, shame, fear, or unworthiness.

You feel depleted, burnt out, fatigued, or lack clarity.

You feel disrespected due to a lack of boundaries.

Or maybe you’ve lost the ability to dream a bigger dream.

And yet, you’re here because…

You know it’s time to mend your broken heart.

And reconnect with yourself as you learn to reclaim your joy.

To remember your hearts’ radiant light as your spiritual guide.

To attune to your own self-love and know what deeply nourishes your soul,

As you do the work to meet your shadow self and live in reverence of your healing journey.

Trust the beauty of your unfolding

I don’t make promises as to what you’ll achieve, as ultimately its up to you.

I can say that what will unfold is a very private and personal journey.

There’s a reverence in the work we do together.

The space I hold for you is intuitive in nature, weaving energy healing, intuitive guidance, sacred rituals and practices to honor all that you’re holding. 

Are you ready to journey into new possibilities?

Honor your seasons

There are seasons that we’re meant to grow, bloom and blossom.

And seasons that we’re meant to deeply rest, surrender, and embrace the winters of life.

My intent is that whatever season you find yourself in, you’ll know that you’re awakening to your own becoming.


Create the space to navigate your grief and be present with your emotions

Honor your seasons and thresholds of life through self-ritual

Support and nurture yourself through practices that align with your work and life

Discover the five key elements to reconnect with yourself, nature and your intuition

Look at boundaries to create spaciousness of time, energy, and a work/life balance

Cultivate self-love, self-compassion, and self-trust

Honor your loss through personal ritual and ceremony

Embrace transformation and spiritual practices through self-devotion

Mentorship For Women Who Desire to Bring

an Emotional & Sacred Tending to Their Grief, Loss & Life Changes.


This is an invitation to heal, awaken, and remember you’re not alone on this journey.   Whether you want to be supported as you continue to honor life’s seasons, loss, or transitions of life you’re in.  Have a safe space to share or develop a spiritual practice.  This is perfect for you, if you’ve done some inner healing already and you’re looking for a deeper connection of both self and soul, or to create daily rituals to bring closure, nurture self-love or healing to honor what was, what is, or what will be.

* Before booking this package, please schedule a Heart-to-Heart call and to ensure this is a good fit for you. 



This is a sacred container to be guided on your healing journey to heal through life’s initiations that have left you feeling disempowered. To mourn your loss as you bring consciousness to your grief. To be supported through thresholds of change. To witness, process and make peace with your unprocessed emotions, long buried. To begin to meet yourself with grace, and learn to love and honor yourself as you begin to listen to, cultivate and trust your intuition. 

Drawing on my own experience, intuition, self-healing rituals and practices, ceremony, and energy work to support your healing journey, we’ll create a sacred alchemy to awaken your inner strength, self-love and joy. 

* Before booking this package, please schedule a Heart-to-Heart call and we’ll see if this is a good fit for you. 



Create a quiet, comfortable space within your home in which you’ll not be disturbed.

Bring water to keep yourself hydrated.

You may want to keep a journal close by and set an intention for your call.

Give yourself space and time after your session to allow your energy to settle deeply within yourself.

As this work is energy-based, all sessions are held via Zoom from the comfort of your home.

“When you have the most delightful session that takes you into a part of yourself you didn’t expect but felt familiar and something I had been desiring to connect to for a long time. Thank you, Tracey for the divine gift you bring to the world. Our session was incredible and I felt held, seen, connected, and trusting of what you were downloading and creating.  I am glad we recorded our session as this morning I could step back into the energy of the ritual you created for me. It was so loving, warm, inflow, special, and in tuned.”

Chantal Vanderhaeghen

Intuitive Counsellor


Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical or other health care. I’m not a licensed therapist, medical doctor, naturopath, psychologist, psychotherapist, or licensed health provider of any kind.  This practitioner does not diagnose conditions or claim to cure specific illnesses.  I neither prescribe substances nor perform medical treatment or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Information on this website is neither intende nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice and is not intented to replace the services of a physician, nor does it constitute a doctor/patient relationship.  Intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only. My insight comes from my own experience and my deep connection with my intuition.  Just like you, I’m always learning and growing.  My work is guided by intuitive space holding weaved together with the gifts I’ve learned over the years.  My desire is for you to know peace. To remember your truth. And to be guided by your own intuition.