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Ready to Make Peace with your Loss?

You find yourself living in the shadows of grief.  You don’t have the tools or knowledge to know how to process your emotions.  You feel lonely, isolated, anxious and afraid.  Friends and family don’t always understand and maybe you feel some shame for not having dealt with your loss after all this time.  You’ve accomplised so much in your life but you’re tired of running into an emotional wall, if only you could find peace with your loss.

If you haven’t given yourself the space to process your grief and would love to have the emotional and spiritual support  to do so, you are in the right place!

What is Sacred Grief Work?

Its learning to put your grief into perspective while weaving it through the very fabric of your everyday life.  It’s learning to anchor daily practices that support you in those moments when the waves of grief wash over you.  Learning to honor your experience and that of the loved one that you lost.  And its learning to turn inwards to listen to your own inner guidance, when nothing else seems clear.

There is no cookie-cutter system that I offer.  Just as your loss is a very personal experience, so is the healing work that I provide. This experience is created for you and you alone.  When we come together, I infuse our space with an alchemy of reverence, intuition and compassion.

I use my intuitive gifts along with Reiki, Tapping, Breath Work, and Meditation to help you release emotions that no longer serve you while creating space for what you desire to call in.

How Do I Know This Is For Me?

  • You’ve put up a facade that let’s everyone know you’re OK, but inside you feel sad, anxious and lonely;
  • You’ve accomplished so much, and yet you struggle with low self-worth, feeling like you’re just never enough;
  • You push yourself to work or stay busy so you don’t have to feel all the emotions running wild inside;
  • You long to feel peace, but just don’t know how to create sacred space to heal your grief;
  • You want to trust yourself and deepen your intuition again;
  • You’re ready to heal the past and embrace the future with peace and joy in your heart.

This is for you, my friend.  There are gifts that can be found in your grief, if only you are ready to embrace them.

I work with women who ...

who are ready to make peace with their loss, while taking responsibilty for their own healing journey.

I work with women who ...

feel the weight of unprocessed grief, deep inside.  Life may look great from the outside, yet you’ve closed down emotionally.  You might have told yourself that everything’s ok and you almost believe it, until it all comes flooding back again!  

I work with women who ...

Are highly-sensitve and intuitive, who haven’t embraced the fullness of their intuitive abilities.

I work with women who ...

Are not afraid of doing sacred grief work and taking responsibility for creating a bridge of grace through grief, knowing there is peace on the other side.

Sacred Grief Mentoring Sessions

3 – 60 Minute Sessions (Over 1 Month)

These intuitive healing sessions are guided by your needs.  Beginning with breathwork to ground our energy and set our intentions you will then be invited to share what’s coming up for you. 

More Details

Each session may include reflective conversation, breathwork, tapping, reiki energy healing, intuitive guidance, meditation/guided visualization and space holding for your grief work.

Mentoring sessions are arranged through a free video platform called Zoom, so a internet connection is necessary.

***You are invited to schedule your first session and two additional sessions will then be scheduled.

Regular messaging support between sessions.

$195 CAD

Longer term packages are also available starting at $495.00.  Book a chat to discuss your needs.

More Details

Coming Soon.

$495 CAD

1 – 45 Minute Follow-Up Session

This is for all appointments following the initial Reflection Session. 

More Details

This is a combination of reiki, tapping, Heart Coherence and many other tools and techniques designed to support you through your healing journey.

$97 CAD

Begin Your Healing Journey Today.

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