Are you Ready to Heal your Unresolved Grief?

Are you ready to embrace your heartache of pregnancy loss and fall back in love with you again?


Can you imagine…

Soulful support, energy healing and empowering, practical tools to honor you and your loss so that you can learn to live with your grief in a meaningful way.

There is no cookie-cutter system that I offer. Just as the experience of your loss was a very personal experience, so is the healing work that I provide. This is a very private and personal experience, created for you and with you.  When we come together, I infuse our space with an alchemy of reverence, understanding and compassion.

During our time together, you will experience support and grief practices to help you cultivate a compassionate approach to your grief healing journey, so you will have the tools in place to walk with your grief in a more empowered and purposeful way.

This space is open to those who are ready to make peace with their feelings of grief after the loss of a loved one.

What is sacred grief work?

Its learning to put your grief into perspective while weaving it through the very fabric of your everyday life. 

It’s anchoring daily practices that support you in those moments when the waves of grief wash over you.  Learning to honor your experience and that of your loved ones.  And its learning to turn inwards to listen to your own inner guidance, when nothing else seems clear.

I use my intuitive gifts along with Reiki, Tapping, Breath Work, and Meditation to help you release emotions that no longer serve you while creating space for what you desire to call in.

This for you if…

You are a woman who has is ready to share vulnerably;

You’re ready to bring your grief out of the shadows;

Nature is your sanctuary for peace, wisdom and healing;

You are aware that you are on a spiritual path of healing and growth;

You long to feel deep inner peace and a fresh new sense of joy.

I work with women who ...

who feel their biggest challenge is feeling their grief, which causes their emotions to stay stuck, yet, they know they’re ready to make peace with their loss, while taking responsibility for their own healing journey. 

I work with women who ...

feel the weight of grief, deep inside.  Life may look great from the outside, yet you’ve closed down emotionally.  You might have told yourself that everything’s ok and you almost believe it, until it all comes flooding back again!  

I work with women who ...

Have a deep-seated knowing that it’s time to honor your grief and in doing so, you are awakening to the work of your soul and new intuitive abilities.

I work with women who ...

Push themselves to stay busy so they don’t have to feel all the emotions running wild inside;

My vow to you…

I will create a safe space for you to meet your grief;

I will witness you in your wholeness;

I will be grounded and fully present, so I may support you through your healing journey;

I will hold space for you to RISE and EMBRACE the fullness of what life has to offer you.

Your vow to me…

You will show up to every session, honoring our time and the support you receive;

You will be fully present and be open to vulnerably share;

You will be open to transformation and healing;

You will honor your journey and be fully responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

In this sacred space,

You will learn to honor your grief, trust your own inner wisdom and have new self-care practices that will align with your values, to support your ongoing healing journey;

 You will weave grace through your grief as you cultivate a compassionate approach to living life alongside your grief.

Mentoring programs for women who are childless after miscarriage, early-term loss or stillbirth

A Community for Childless Women of Miscarriage, Early-Term Loss & Stillbirth

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This is a place of compassion, connection and coming home (to you)

This group is a private space for childless women of miscarriage & early-term loss to explore every facet of your own story. To share in a space that is safe and to feel understood.

1:1 Reading and Intuitive Session


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There are times that we need a little extra support on our journey back to wholeness.


12 Week Mentorship

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A sacred space for women healing the grief of childlessness whose story did not end with a “rainbow baby.”  They’re done with hiding their grief in shame, looking the other way as life passes by.  They’re ready to make peace with their loss, honor their story and live life fully.

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Begin Your Healing Journey Today.