This is for you if you've become a mother yet grieve a pregnancy loss or you have longed to become a mother, yet pregnancy loss became an unexpected journey.

Let me begin by saying, I’m very sorry for your loss and I honor your courage to take this sacred journey. 

Whether you’ve experienced a miscarriage, late-term loss or like me, through pregnancy loss you’ve completed your lineage by not being able to have children, its time to allow your healing to begin and in doing so, may we honor your children in spirit and invite them along on this journey.  


Have you heard your child in spirit speaking with you?  Have you realized that you’ve always had this connection with your child and they’re just waiting for you to pay attention and hear or see the signs they’re sending you?

Asking you to REMEMBER. “Remember mom, we’ve always been connected but your sadness and anger has separated you from me!” 

Your spirit baby wants to communicate with you! They bless you with signs and symbols to light your path and help you remember that they are here to work with you within your soul purpose work.  The gift they give you, will be the permission to live your life fully and in return you’ll experience so much inner peace, healing and joy!

Tracey did a spirit baby reading for me. I always knew my baby was a girl but that was it. She confirmed that, told me what this baby was like – a very gentle quiet spirit, and answered my questions. This baby was a pink energy with gold around and sparkles. I found out what name she wanted to be called, our favorite flowers – roses. Her favorite – peach with pink edges (I have 2 in my garden.) and that she’s always around me and one of my guides or angels. This reading brought a lot of reassurance for me. Tracey is very sweet and knowledgeable. If you are thinking about using her services, don’t hesitate. – Jenn


This is for you if:

You feel like you’re hiding in plain sight, grieving the loss of your baby/s, yet no one can see this;

You may have lost your baby/babies many years ago and still feel the heaviness of your grief;

You wonder how you can connect with your baby or you want to strengthen your spiritual faith;

You long to deeply honor your baby in spirit, but you don’t know how to do that;

You long for peace, more joy, support and a sense of belonging;

You’re open to energy healing, sacred ritual and ceremony to support your healing; 

You desire to have a safe space to honor your emotional & spiritual needs;

And you know your spirit baby is a part of your spiritual journey.


This intuitive session, is a powerful combination of energy healing and mentoring that will be uniquely tailored to your specific needs, holding space for your own inner healing and connecting you with your baby in spirit, bringing you a renewed sense of inner peace.

This is a 60-minute Zoom – Child of Light reading blended with a Reiki healing session to become a potent space of reflection, clarity & alchemy and support your ongoing healing journey.  Your Investment: $150 CAD


REMEMBER is a 3-month sacred journey of healing to support you through healing your unresolved emotions of miscarriage/later loss or for those who have longed to become a mother, yet pregnancy loss became an unexpected journey.  Together, we’ll honor each and every loss, so you can process your emotions, honor yourself and your baby/s through ritual and ceremony.

If you feel stuck, wonder how to make peace with your unresolved emotions of grief, want to deepen your spiritual journey or connect with your baby, this space is perfect for you.   Within this space, I weave Reiki , channeling your baby in spirit and other healing methods to honor each loss, so you’re able to process your emotions, honor yourself and your baby/s through ritual and ceremony, and support you exactly where you are so your personal life, business and leadership can expand from a place of deep healing, honoring and inner peace. INVESTMENT: $697 CAD 

Is this grief mentorship for you?

Let’s have a heart to heart chat and see if this is a good fit for you.