Tracey Swainson

Intuitive Mentor

Helping you journey through your grief of pregnancy loss, so you may channel the fullness of your souls’ potential.


Some things take time to Heal.
Some things take time to Root.
Time to Grow.
To Blossom. To Bloom.
Some things just take time.
It takes time to Grieve.
It takes time to Let Go.
It takes time to say Goodbye.
Its ok to give yourself Time.
Time to Cry.
Time to Mourn.
Time to Reconcile.
Time to Forgive.
Time to Release.
Be Gentle with Yourself.
You will make Peace with loss.
You will find Joy in the little things.
You will learn to Love again.
Some things just take time.
Yet, know this…
You are Enough. Right Here. Right Now. Exactly As You Are.💗 

– Tracey Swainson

Can you imagine…

Soulful support, energy healing and empowering, practical tools to honor you and your loss so that you can learn to live with your grief in a meaningful way.

There is no cookie-cutter system that I offer. Just as the experience of your loss was a very personal experience, so is the healing work that I provide. This is a very private and personal experience, created for you and with you. 

What is sacred grief work?

It’s anchoring daily practices that support you through your healing journey. 

Its honoring your loss and your dream of what might have been.  And its learning to turn inwards to listen to your own guidance, when nothing else seems clear.

I use my intuitive gifts along with Reiki, Tapping, Meditation, Ritual and Ceremony to help you release emotions that no longer serve you, honor your loss and create space for what you desire to call in.

Pregnancy Loss Grief Support

I am here for you.  Honoring you and this journey you are ready to make.  My prayer is that you see this journey as sacred.  That you are open to what you soul chooses to uncover.  I welcome you to this sacred space, where I offer holistic support and an intuitive soulful approach to healing and honoring the heartache of pregnancy loss.