Kind words of Gratitude,

Tracey Swainson

Reiki Energy Healer

“I’ve had some emotional turmoil recently in my personal and professional life and felt disorganized, restless, and disgruntled. It felt like my energy field was full of gunk and static and I was having a hard time receiving clarity and staying focused. I experienced Tracey’s Reiki session and felt layers of old being stripped away. It was not only relaxing but also very healing for me. I was able to release the turmoil and feel renewed and free of so many of the things that had come up for me mentally, emotionally, and even physically. I was able to forgive which I was resisting. During my session I also heard the message “I am enough. I have always been enough. I will always be enough” and “Make time for your work.” These were both amazing validations for me that I really am on the right track and I can trust myself and my own intuition. I highly recommend Tracey’s work. She is very skilled at holding a safe and loving space and allowing the energy to flow where it is most needed. Tracey is very intuitive and works in alignment with the energy to bring peace, clarity and healing especially if you’ve tried all kinds of other avenues and are still feeling stuck. Thanks so much, Tracey!”

Kasia Rachfall

Intuitive Energy Artist, Kasia Rachfall

I so enjoyed my Distance Reiki session with Tracey Swainson! I had some persistent worries that were sticking in my mind (and this is unusual for me) and I have an issue with my feet. Well the worries have all but evaporated since our time together and my feet feel much better since our session. During the session I felt calm and at ease (although I admit I would have preferred to be laying down than seated to fully relax into the healing energy more thoroughly). By the end of the session I felt rejuvenated and full of positive loving energy to move forth into my day ahead. Thank you!!

Ashlee Greer

Intuitive Life and Business Coach, Ashlee Greer

I was feeling a little anxious before my healing session with Tracey, as I didn’t know what to expect. I have dealt with a loss and want a third child and I feel so blessed already so I was a little scared.  Once we began talking and she asked me a few simple questions, I was able to calm down.

When she was doing the healing, I noticed a beautiful warmth on the small of my back, like, my Angels and Guides were behind me. It was an amazing feeling, one that I have never felt before. She said I was an Angel of Light and I feel the same way about her. Her gift to the world has helped so many women shift their mindset completely and for that, I am truly grateful to have had the chance to work with her. She gave me some advice that has changed the way I think for the better. I knew I had to do it but until she confirmed it, I moved forward and I feel like a burden has been lifted. I now feel so calm and at peace, centered and grounded.

Kenzie Ingebrand

I have traveled all over North America for work over the last several years and everywhere I landed I have looked for a Reiki Practitioner to provide healing sessions.  Some were not the best at channeling the energy, some have been good and some fabulous. Tracey Swainson is gifted and fabulous! The instant the session began I felt the love healing energy. I could see purple and some green colors, she knew instinctively where to work on my issues.  I would highly recommend Tracey to everyone! I am very happy to have found her.

Annie Blanchette

I live in Tokyo, Japan and an ocean separates me from Tracey.

Thanks to Skype, it felt like we were in the same room when we talked. I’ve had several distant Reiki sessions with other practitioners before and they are all different. Tracey is very flexible and what I loved about the session with her is that we stayed connected over Skype while she was working on me. She shared with me which part of my body or chakra she was focusing on as she went. I had the option to sit up or lie down. I chose to sit up in front of my computer so we were facing each other. I love this set up because even though we both had our eyes closed for most of the time, she was right there in front of me when the session was over. Though it is completely acceptable to fall asleep during a session, I appreciated being able to sit up because I stayed alert throughout the session and could observe what I was feeling as she was working. And, feel I did! I usually pick up on and feel energy easily. I realize not everyone is this way so others might not have the same kind of experience. That said, I wasn’t expecting to feel Tracey’s energy so strongly! During the first part of the session while she was working with my heart chakra, it felt like the sun was beaming at me. I got so hot and I remember leaning back thinking I’m like a meerkat soaking in the rays. Though I had no pain or discomfort going into the session I remember at one point noticing a pain in the back of my head like someone was poking me. Not uncomfortable but definitely noticeable. As the session progressed the pain went away. When I shared this with Tracey after the session she explained that she had been guided to put her hands up on the front and back side of my head. Being able to share what I felt right after the session and get her immediate feedback was refreshing. Tracey’s energy is tangible and I look forward to having more sessions with her.

Marci Kobayashi

Web developer and Intuitive, Marci Kobayashi

One word to describe the Reiki that Tracey performed: powerful. The space where she does her sessions is very peaceful and I found it very easy to relax and let the energy flow. There were times during the session where I could truly feel the power of the energy she was moving for me. I practice my own energy release at home but when I left Tracey’s office I felt lighter. Tracey is a truly gifted energy mover.

Bryan Rachfall

Tracey has an innate healing gift that can be felt.  I really felt her presence and Reiki today. I saw her with me right before I went into the O.R. and she was standing to my right side healing me. Her energy was very supportive, I felt more calm and centered, so thank you is all I can say!

Tami Vandrie

Wellness Coach, Tami Vandrie

Tracey is my wife, so at first thought I couldn’t give a testimonial as it may seem biased.  However, by not giving one at all would be worse, as she is truly talented!

During my session, for focus to be placed on my neck, which felt relaxed with little to no pain at all and stomach: little to no acid re-flux. After the session I felt so calm and some type of release. Throughout the entire past week, I have felt so calm and centered, that I can’t wait for the next session, lucky me!  I feel as though I have gone through another release.  It seems the session isn’t over, when it’s over; somehow the energy is ongoing!

Sean Swainson

As someone who works with energy, intuition, and healing, I knew from many testimonials the benefits of Distant Reiki sessions. I came to a place in life where I could feel my energy had become stagnant in many ways. Although I had never experienced this modality of healing, I felt the nudge to open myself up and receive it’s benefits. I am incredibly grateful I did!

During my session with Tracey, I could feel her gentle, loving, expansive energy infusing and restoring each chakra. Instantly, I was beginning to feel my energy restore. My body resumed a feeling of peace, a lightness. Any concerns or worries I had before our session, had dissipated. I was sitting in a glowing, radiant space.

A few hours after my session with Tracey, I had an experience that previously would’ve shut me down into a protective, defensive mode. I am thrilled to say, because of my Reiki session with Tracey, it opened up a portal for me to acknowledge and fully release these self sabotaging patterns. I could literally feel the shift and removal of these burdens. Today, I feel and embrace a greater sense of inner freedom. Amazing and expansive journey because of Tracey!!! Thank you!!! In love and gratitude.

Brenda K

This Distant Reiki session showed up at the perfect time, when I was actually going through some very intense emotions and dealing with a personal crisis. I felt instantly at ease and relaxed in Tracey’s caring presence. The session helped me feel much more grounded, centered and able to focus on my day with renewed energy and balance. I was aware of the energy as she focused on my chakras and held space for healing to occur. Thank you Tracey, this reiki session was so refreshing and I can’t wait to experience more!

Angela Savage

Savage Wellness

Before my session with Tracey, I was feeling broken. I realized during our time together that I was focusing on the darkness of my experience rather than the light, as I sat in quiet reflection, I had the awareness of what exactly was weighing me down. After my healing session I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted from me.

Jenn S.

Tracey was instantly so warm and comforting. She really paid attention to my needs and gave me great tools to continue my energy work throughout the day. Thank you

Ashley H.

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